5 Best Bikes for Himalayan Motor Bike Safari – Exciting Journey a Ride Away

Ladakh – The Cold desert of India…

The name creates the euphoria of thrill, excitement, and magic amid mountains.

Ladakh is as infectious as an adventure destination that everyone must experience it once in a lifetime. Adventures says it’s a must-visit destination before you die. Ladakh brings to mind captivating thoughts of snow-capped mountains, spiral roads, azure lakes, and splendid valleys. Nothing equals the imagination and the desire to discover this amazing audacious spot on earth.

himalyan tour

The holiday of Ladakh is dominated by ‘Motor Bike Tour Packages‘ monasteries, natural beauties, rafting, and trekking.

Highlights of Ladakh Tour:

  • Explore through the world’s most adventurous, audacious, and highest mountain passes amid your motorcycles

  • Camping gets vibrant at Pangong Lake

  • Trekking amidst the green valley and dew-drenched wild plants

  • Scintillating experience in midst of river rafting in ice cold water

Best Time to go for Bike Ride to Leh – Ladakh:

  • Bike trip needs suitable weather for the ride, else chances of road blockage due to snowfall and sleeper conditions arise.

  • The best time to visit Ladakh for a bike ride is between months of ‘June to September’.

  • The ride between Ladakh, Spiti, Lahaul, and Manali is heavenly during these months.

  • The monsoon season is to be avoided.

  • New Year bike trip is also in trend amongst adventure lovers; it’s not a bad choice after all.

How many days tour is recommended for Himalayan motorbike safari

  • The days depends on the itinerary selected by you for enjoying the bike ride in the Himalayas.

  • 8 days in minimum tour schedule and covers all the major attractions of Ladakh and Spiti Valley.

  • The weather conditions play an important role in deciding your tour schedule.

  • The best tour is considered to be of 15 days starting from Manali to Ladakh.

  • It also begins from Delhi to Manali and ultimately to Leh – Ladakh.

Bikes Suitable for Bike Ride in Ladakh:

  • The bikers must ensure they select the right bike for their tour as it’s their first requirement.

  • One must select the right bike for tour, as it can lead to good or bad experience.

  • Always choosing a bike for ‘Ladakh and Spiti’ must be based on suitability and not brand or popularity.

  • Bike should be chosen depending on it enduring power in hills.

  • So, plan your bike trip with the best bike.

  • Bikes suitable in hilly conditions have proved to be safe, secure, good ride experience, easy to maintain and handle.

royal enfield motorbike

Top 5 Bikes Suitable for Himalayan motorcycle Safari:

  • Royal Enfield: It’s a very popular bike in India, and is powerful enough to withstand the conditions of Himalayan terrains. The engines are either 350 CC TO 500 CC.

  • Royal Enfield Himalayan: For offbeat roads this 400 CC bike is just a perfect ride partner. Its strong engine ensures a smooth ride.

  • Bajaj Pulsar: After bullets it’s the most preferred bike in the Indian market. This bike with 150 CC, 200 CC and 220 CC can be chosen as your ride for ultimate adventure.

  • KTM Duke: It’s a lite bike yet its powerful engine is an added benefit on the roads of Ladakh and calls for good choice. It’s engine variants like Duke 390, Duke 250, KTM are best for Ladakh journeys.

  • CBR 250: It’s an amazing adventure bike, but it gets number 5th position due to its contigo tires, which can be sometimes difficult in rough terrains of Ladakh.

  • Other bikes you can prefer are ‘Yamaha Fazer, Bajaj Vikrant, Yamaha FZ, and Hero Impulse’.

Motorbikes are also available for rents in Ladakh and can be easily hired. So, go for the adventure ride of lifetime this summer…

Fuse Your Passion For Travel & Adventure With Motorcycle Bike Tour

If you are a travel enthusiast and an adventure junkie, then motorcycle bike touring is for you. Nothing can beat the feeling of packing your gears up and setting put on the open road. You can explore parts of the world, have the most delicious eating experiences and meet new people on your two-wheeled beauty.

The thrill of leaving the hustle bustle all behind you and traveling across mountains and forests is inexplicable.

Whether you want to travel solo, with your loved ones or just your gang, motorbike touring is an ultimate option for anyone looking for an action-packed holiday.

motorcycle tours India

An amazing, remarkable and daring adventurous motorcycle tours India offers some of the beautiful landscapes on earth

From historic national parks, green landscapes, potent volcanoes, scarce wildlife, magnificent jungles, ecstatic beaches, classical temples, colossal mountains and famous landmarks, experience all on your epic ride.

Riding a bike has benefits like no other tours. Aside from alleviating your adventurous side, it is the greatest way to come close to nature as well as explore the inside out of any place.

Experience the magical Nepal bike tour

A motorcycle safari Nepal is every adventurer’s bucket list. It’s time you check it off that list.

Scrumptious food, awesome experiences and spectacular views, this is what Nepal motorcycle tour can be encapsulated in. Ride along the mountain treks and travel across the jungles and plains.

A holiday to Nepal would be a cultural bliss too. Feast your eyes on the magnificent views of the snow-covered high Himalayan peaks. Besides exceptional cultural experiences, boundless scenic beauty is another highlight of this motorcycle tour to Nepal. Surrounded by Tibet, Northern India, and the intimidating Himalayas, Nepal is a perfect destination that is best explored on a bike. Have the time of your life riding along the buzzing markets of Kathmandu, the Annapurna peaks till the distant mountain villages.

motorcycle bike tour in Nepal

Imagine the scene of radiant and pure glaciers of the Mount Everest Mountains shining in the distance. Going as near as you can get to these beautiful glaciers on two wheels is the intention of this exciting motorcycle tour. Keep your excitement levels high, as surprises sneak around every bend on these rough roads.

Turn your adventure dreams into reality with the Nepal bike tour

Bounded by China in the north and India to the south, it remains a securely landlocked country and a habitat to eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains, which just leads to an exciting and adventurous ride through the country.

The 15-day tour along the serpentine mountain trails and majestic plains will certainly be the best tour of your lifetime. Many motorbike touring companies offer motorcycle bike tour in Nepal as it one of the best routes for riding.

When you reach Kathmandu, Nepal, their traveler agent will greet you and take you to the hotel. Next day you can explore the divine temples of Kathmandu in the morning. You will then be introduced to your motorbikes, which you will ride throughout the tour. You will start your motorbike touring by riding from Kathmandu to Pokhara. On this tour, you will explore other areas of Nepal like Tatopani, Muktinath, Kalopani, Chitwan, Nagarkot, Last resort and ultimately to Kathmandu again.

Encounter riding in the shadows of the highest mountain ranges

With stunning views of the Annapurna mountain ranges, the Fishtail Mountain and crystal clear lakes, you start your motorbike journey in Nepal. Along the way you come across dusty roads, rugged landscapes, cascading waterfalls and Buddhist monasteries make your journey one hell of a ride.

You are going to cover extreme contrasts, from icy mountain rivers to the tropical heat of the Terai plain, from the bustling streets of Kathmandu to the tiny lanes of remote mountain villages, and from the Fishtail Mountains of the Annapurna range to the 8,000-meter peaks surrounding Mount Everest.

Experience elephant wildlife safari at the Chitwan National Park. See and photograph many endangered species of animals and birds that this park is famous for.

So, prepare your riding gear for the ride of a lifetime.

Unplug the paved roads and get your bike into the dirt, mud and sand routes riding across mountains, jungles and deserts, while they still last.

Discover True India By Renting A Motorcycle And Go For An Adventure

Are you a motorcycle enthusiast? Then you need to take the ride of your life

If you don’t want to leave your motorcycle even on a vacation, then take it with you. How?

A very popular trend among motorcyclists is taking a tour of the country and exploring it on their motorcycle instead of travelling by bus, train or flight. Travel along the mountains, across desserts, besides beaches, broad valleys, and never-ending plains.

Motorcycle tours in India

Motorcycle safari India is catching up with many motorcycle fanatics. Go solo, with a group of friends or on guided tours, you will experience the magnificent and diverse scenery together with colourful local culture.

In recent years, numerous Indian companies like Motorbike Tour India have formed and started running motorcycle tours. Local knowledge, coupled with innovative routes and reasonable rates, make these tours excellent option for people who just want to set out on their bike on a well-defined tour.

Discover India by an unforgettable motorcycle experience

Experience the diversity of India first hand through guided tours. Pass crazy towns, meet new people, eat local food, along beaches, mountains, and highways. You come across many temples, markets and wonderful things India has to offer.

Many guided and customised motorcycle tours are offered for a thrilling and memorable ride to suit all kinds of riders.

These fully guided tours include luxurious accommodation, delicious local cuisine, breathtaking views and personalised and hassle free riding. They look after everything right from the start from giving you advice on how to prepare yourself and your bike to encourage you to be a proactive member of the team. They also guide on what gear and necessities you should carry on this tour. You ride along with a great support team who has the right balance of technical qualifications, people skills, and hands-on motorcycle travel experience.

Ride on some of the popular motorbike tour destinations in India for true adventure

Encounter the cultural treasures of India with the small gang of compatible riders through fully supported and organised motorcycle adventures. India is a land of geographical diversity. From beaches to mountains, valleys, and deserts, India offers something for every adventure soul.

motorcycle bike tour in India

You can explore the Land of the Maharajas – Rajasthan on your bike. Riding through this historic region, riders spot medieval forts, extravagant palaces arid deserts and jungles abundant with wildlife. Rajasthan motorcycle tour promises to be the best way to explore the beauty and natural wonder of the northern region and includes an endless list of must-see treasures. Hunt for glittering jewels in the great Thar Desert or ride a camel over giant, golden sand dunes.

Another adventurous motorbike tour is riding over the world’s highest motorable road, along with the Himalayan ranges. With sinuous mountain roads, secluded wildernesses and a horizon shining with snow, an amazing, fascinating adventure awaits.

Another popular tour is travelling on some of the most beautiful back roads and highways in southern India. Southern India is geographically diverse and rich in colourful cultures, natural resources, and wildlife. Explore the vibrant bustling cities of south India, the tea and spice gardens, golden beaches, backwaters and relish the delicious south Indian cuisine on your motorbike.

All these tours take you straight to the heart of Indian life and will leave you with indelible memories.

Rent a motorcycle and head for an adventure yourself

Get the motorcycle on rent and materialise a truly engaging biking experience. Many motorcycle tour companies also offer motorcycle rental in India and have a huge collection of Royal Enfield or avenger bikes that are reliable, well serviced and designed for mountain biking expeditions. With affordable pricing, these bikes are available for a day, a week or a month.

These bikes are consistently maintained to make sure that they provide ideal mileage. Servicing is done routinely in conformity with the technical specifications. All efforts are taken to ensure that no breakdown happens during the tour.

Though they follow strict professional conduct and adhere to stringent pre-booking and post-booking norms, they also maintain an affable association with clients so that they come back each time for a more enriching travelling experience.

If you share the passion for riding motorcycles and discovering India, then motorcycle tours are the best option for you!

Take the ride of your life with motorcycle tour packages

Do you love the feeling of wind in your face as you ride on your favorite motorcycle? Are you obsessed with your motorcycle and want to take it on your holiday too? Would you like to spend your vacation taking a motorcycle safari along India’s finest destinations? If answers to all these questions are yes, then taking motorcycle tour is one of the best experiences you will ever have.

motorcycle safari Nepal

Whether you are a motorcycle veteran or have sat on one before, motorcycle tours take you past some of the best sceneries in India, making it your most memorable experience. Riding through awe-inspiring scenery and enjoying local culture, with the added thrill of living right on the edge, these motorcycle tour packages are a must for thrill seekers and adventure junkies. These tours allow riders to see life from a different perspective in a completely different culture and environment. They are designed to let riders get up close and personal with India and its breathtaking landscapes.

Take a motorcycle tour to the Land of the Royals
Rajasthan, India also known as the Land of the Royals is one of the most fascinating regions for motorbike touring. Perhaps no other place in India has a history as rich and colorful as Rajasthan. During India’s independence, there were 22 princely states that made up the present day Rajasthan, with the Rajputs reining them. They have left behind an iconic heritage of massive forts, splendid palaces, historical temples and a land steeped in culture. Starting from the massive Thar Desert, the tent cities, herds of camels, a multitude of palaces and forts, there are lots of amazing and fascinating things to explore the state. Experience the royalty, spirituality, romance, architecture, adventure and nature in this exotic travel offering – it actually blends the best of Rajasthan, covering desert fortress Bikaner, jeweled Jaisalmer, majestic Jodhpur, romantic Udaipur, chivalrous Chittorgarh and magnificent Jaipur.

Get ready for a Rajputana trip
This Rajputana trip starts from Delhi, the capital of India. You will be received at the airport by the tour representatives and driven to the hotel. The next day after breakfast your magnificent journey starts towards the Land of the Maharajas. The trip starts on your Royal Enfield motorcycle, as you ride on National Highway 8 to Neemrana. You then go through Shekhawati, Bikaner, Phalodi, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Mount Abu, Udaipur, Pushkar, Jaipur, Bharatpur, Agra and finally back to Delhi. There are night stopovers in each town/city, with rest days at Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaipur and Agra. On these rest days you can enjoy the beautiful cities strolling around the sightseeing.

On your way through these cities, you will come across many villages and towns that are known for their rich heritage and culture. You can spot rare species of animals and birds at the bird sanctuaries and national parks that come along in the journey.

Book this exciting tour with many arrangements
Be a part of this thrilling motorcycle safari Rajasthan by Motorbike Tour India and get all arrangements done. All you need to do is hop on the bike and ride along this guided tour. Their package costs include the hotel accommodation during the whole tour inclusive of breakfast, a Royal Enfield motorcycle for all riding days, an experienced English speaking Motorcycle Road Captain for whole trip, an experienced Royal Enfield mechanic with all necessary spare parts for bikes, a first aid kit, a support car to carry your luggage and the assistance by friendly, knowledgeable English speaking ground representatives from the moment you arrive in India until the time you leave. They make sure that your entire journey is comfortable and you enjoy your ride.

motorcycle tours India

Many riders are capable of planning the whole trip on their own. But with a guided tour will take care of all the arrangements from hotel booking to bike maintenance. These guides are experts and know where to ride and where to eat. With the help of capable mechanics, they ensure that any bike issues during the journey will be fixed. Your luggage and extra people can fit in the support vehicle that goes around with you during the tour. So, enjoy the mind-blowing journey and create memorable experiences as you ride along.

Some different types of Tour Plans and bestselling Tour Packages offered to Bike Riders

Do you want to get the true feel of the Himalayas? The eternal beauty of the Himalayas remains a mystery to you unless you see it with your eyes. When you talk about the Himalayas certainly Nepal which portrays a picture-perfect beauty with sprawling landscapes bordered with the Himalayas standing tall in the backdrop. Let’s get a bit deeper into a mystical charm to create reminiscence with the land of Buddha. Therefore if you are a hard-core bike rider then certainly you will love to break through the distinguish geography of Nepal. For that get the tour brief from the professional’s motorcycle safari Nepal organizers.

motorcycle safari Nepal

Do you want to get the true feel of the Himalayas? The eternal beauty of the Himalayas remains a mystery to you unless you see it with your eyes. When you talk about the Himalayas certainly Nepal which portrays a picture-perfect beauty with sprawling landscapes bordered with the Himalayas standing tall in the backdrop. Let’s get a bit deeper into a mystical charm to create reminiscence with the land of Buddha. Therefore if you are a hard-core bike rider then certainly you will love to break through the distinguish geography of Nepal. For that get the tour brief from the professional’s motorcycle safari Nepal organizers.

Different Types of Bike Tours:

Resistance breaking tour
The professional motorcycle riding companies offer you an array of tour plans. The companies are aware that the tours requirement and planning have to be done in consideration with the client needs. Therefore if you go for an individual riding or with your bunch of friends certainly the amusement waits for you on the other end because the tour will be planned accordingly. In the meantime you kick start with the Himalayan venture and your items will be under proper supervision of the tour professionals. One thing you need to know that this ride is a bit difficult and is not designed for those who are apprehensive of breaking the inhibition. Certainly it the Tibetan magnificence will challenge your endurance but you have to cross that with glory.

motorcycle bike tour in Nepal

Small ride option
There are many who actually love to get the flavor of mountain bike riding but are unwilling to traverse the long distances. For them small ride option is the best. As you talk about the small rides in Nepal. Certainly Pokhara has a lot to offer you. You will be opportune to get the view of the sprawling fruit orchard as well.

Get to the sky
Just note that this type of rides are excellent where you to have push yourself to reach the altitude of 4000 m. This is an off road and is basically planned for bikers who are immensely experienced in tough biking. Definitely you have to gear up to get to see the holy Hindu temple called Muktinath which essay the saga of splendid Hindu temples etched along the rocky hills.

motorcycle tours India

Mid altitude tour
Well this tour is actually planned for bikers who are basically not so deeply experienced and whom you can categorize into the group of intermediate riders actually. It is actually a ten day riding with occasional halts in between. Altogether the biker had to climb 2600 meters. Just imagine the thrill you will get literally while rushing through the lush valleys in the midst of the colossal Himalayas. However here is the list that you can really do like you can see the sunrise from the Mt Everest. In addition you can also get the extraordinary splendor of the tiger in jungle as well. Apart from this you can also get insight of the domestic life at the village in Annapurna.

Best destination ride
For bikers who are ready to bike four to six hours at a stretch for six days have the luck to discover the beauties of Nepal nestled at a peak of 1800 m. Here you will be able to bike on concrete roads is nothing to fear of. Now if you choose this tour then you have the opportunity to include these in your itinerary like getting the profound view of the Indo-Tibetan trade area. In addition to that you can also get the chance of licking the authentic Nepali cuisines.

motorcycle rental India

Self-designed tour
Have you ever thought of designing your tour yourself? Obviously not you did not actually but the prolific motorcycle rental India will meet your biking needs by allowing it to incorporate tour plans yourself. Like you can state your difficulty areas or how much distance you want to cover in a day. Additionally you can even speak up about the places you want to visit. Again you can say about the accommodation facility you need actually.

Thus these are comprehensive details about the guided motorcycle tour in Nepal that you can enjoy alone or with your friends.